Your Body is a Cancer-Fighting Love Machine

Anti-Cancer Cruciferous Kraut Ready to be put into Fermentation

I will never forget my grandmother's ongoing struggle with breast cancer which finally claimed her life. Since this event, I have known so many other friends, family members and community members who have struggled with Cancer.

I am not worried about Cancer.

I am not afraid of getting cancer.

Cancer is merely something that I do not wish to deal with. I don't want to spend time, energy or money on cancer, but I do want to spend time on prevention! The continual rise in cancer rates over the years has become a national epidemic. Now, 1 in 3 adults will get cancer in my lifetime. This is why I take cancer prevention very very seriously and have eliminated as many toxic chemicals from my life as possible! Of course being toxic free is often unavoidable, for example, inhaling carcinogenic exhaust as we ride our bike through traffic. And it's not just carcinogenic toxins that cause cancer, many non-carcinogenic toxins (called Co-carcinogenic toxins) can make carcinogens even more toxic. This is why I also consciously work on maintaining a cancer-free body by eating pure organic foods that have cancer-fighting properties, regular detoxification, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Cancer Prevention is up to You!

If you are taking the time to read this, like me, you probably believe that the best medicine is preventative medicine!

Unfortunately, the cancer industry is not interested in cancer prevention as it is a very lucrative money-making industry. It seems that finding a cure for cancer or focusing on prevention would mean a lot of people out of jobs and a lot of businesses being shut down so I don't expect to see a mainstream cure for cancer anytime soon. Chemotherapy is a mega-business and the industry isn't without it's corruption as this MD discloses in a very compelling video shared by a close friend who has been watching her family members struggle with cancer. Shocking studies have found that chemotherapy can even increase tumor growth!

In a healthy body, tumors are continuously being manufactured and their job is to harness and concentrate deadly toxins so that they don't escape into the bloodstream. Our body then deals with these tumors in a healthy way (otherwise called "spontaneous remission" ), when the time is right, through a detoxification process.

What I do expect to see is more and more people being fed up with the "mainstream cancer system" and working to consciously make the changes that will transform their health and well being and get them on the flip side of the scary statistic. This means more people reducing their exposure to toxins, eating more fruits and veggies and less of the starchy and processed foods that clog us up and interfere with our body's ability to detox.

I remember an article on the front page of the Goodtimes about a local woman who was putting her cancer into remission by juicing all day long for a month (it was a full-time job!). I once met a woman who healed her cancer from consuming raw liver every day for two weeks (obviously the liver was grass-fed and organic).

My friend Corrina had a non-malignant tumor (larger than a softball) in her gut. Instead of surgery, she shrank it by utilizing her body's amazing detoxification system and kicked her tumor into remission. She is happy, healthy, and continues to make her "green juice" every day and wrote an amazing book about it called Guest At the Mouth of the Womb.

There are different healing paths and possibilities for each individual. My sister in law, Cody caught her cancer early and used a biopsy w/ a few light chemo sessions and drank a lot of Beet Kvass. Cody is happy, healthy and cancer free. On the other hand, Cody's grandma has never done surgery nor chemo for any of her tumors. She chooses to remove them all with escharotic salves. Some people have used juice detoxes to put their cancer into remission, others have used high doses of CBD. A few years ago, my father in law used a new medical technology called "seeding" and has been prostate-cancer free ever since. If you are cancer free, no need to worry about allopathic vs. natural healing solutions. All you need to focus on is prevention!

So, if our bodys are amazing cancer-fighting machines, then why do so many people have cancer and why do the cancer stats climb every year?

The best answers I can give besides increased toxic exposure in our products, air, food, water and clothing are also the increased stress-levels we face in an ultra-competitive society which can lead to workaholism, less sleep, breathing of traffic-induced air pollution (diesel being the most cancer-causing), increased radiation from cellphones and wi-fi (wi-fi is a group 1 carcinogen)... which is why cellphones and wi-fi are being banned for kids in European Countries). Why is it that Europe always seems ahead of the health game?

Why doesn't the US do something to get ahead in the fight against cancer?

My answer for this is that "Health care" makes up 1/5 of the US economy. This is not health care, it's really "sick care". The US spends more money on "health care" than any other country. The average American will spend 1 out of every 5 dollars on sick care. It's classic capitalism: profits over people. Believe me there are a lot of people, institutions and corporations profiting off of cancer and disease! (If I end up getting shut down or imprisoned because of what I am writing here, please get a team together to help bail me out, thank you.:)

As mentioned before, the reasons for cancer are no secret. We know that cancer-causing radiation, smoking, carcinogenic chemicals, toxins, etc. are everywhere and we are continuously bombarded from the clothes we wear, the air we breathe, the chemicals we touch, the additives and pesticides we get from our food, and on and on. The EPA maintains a list of 80,000 toxins allowed in everyday household products, none of which have been "approved" for safety.

How does cancer form in our body and how can we prevent cancer cells from forming in the first place?

The common theory is that Cancer is a result of cellular mutation. Our cells become damaged (usually from free radicals induced by carcinogenic activity) and the damaged cells start mutating. This is actually happening constantly in our body. Fortunately for us, our body's are like amazing cancer fighting machine that utilizes important antioxidants and various immune functions that help stop this from happening. For example, antioxidants from fruits and vegetables contain cellular-protective mechanisms which are an essential part cancer prevention. Did you know that organic plants contain higher levels of antioxidants than plants grown with chemicals? And it's not just fruits and veggies that have anti-cancer benefits! Healthy fats from grassfed animals contain cancer fighting nutrients as do many seeds and nuts. And it may surprise you that vegetable oils are generally cancer-promoting.

Did you know that fermentation not only increases nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics in foods but it increases the antioxidant levels?

This is why I consume fermented foods like sauerkraut or drinks with every meal! According to food chemistry scientists, "Several studies demonstrated that lactic acid fermentation increased the polyphenol content associated with an increase of the antioxidant activity." Beet Kvass is my favorite traditional lacto-ferment beverage that you can easily make at home:) Click here if you would like to take my courses and learn to make dozens of ferments and original secret recipes.

Did you know that broccoli sprouts are known to contain some of the highest levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants of any foods (a small handful is equal to a whole pound of regular mature broccoli)?

Your body also produces its own valuable antioxidants such as glutathione, your body's detox molecule. That is why I drink Beet Kvass every day because beets stimulate the body's ability to manufacture more glutathione. But did you know that raw milk from grassfed cows or the kefir made from it is one of nature's best sources of glutathione? So, the more antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense, and fiber-rich foods you consume the more cancer protective mechanisms your body will have!

Of course antioxidants alone cannot help. You also need the proper minerals, fats and other essential nutrients to acheive overall balance in the body so that your whole immune-protection system is running at top notch performance. You also need to adopt proper life style habits to lower stress since too much stress is damaging to your body's cells and organs.

If you are concerned about your antioxidant levels, the first thing I recommend is to test your antioxidant levels using a biophoton scanner. (Email me if you need help finding a scanner in the SF bay area).

My antioxidant score was 63,000

Dr. Oz scored 75,000

Most Americans are below 40,000

Dr. Oz eats up to nine servings of fruits and veggies a day. I'm not so great, but I do eat a lot of fermented and nutrient dense foods. Be sure to watch the Dr. Oz episode on this to see how low-level antioxidant levels in the body are directly correlated to increased rates of cancer!

The most important thing to remember is that your body is an amazing cancer-fighting love machine! So love and take care of your body... more than you love your car or any of your material possessions. Those are replaceable but your body is not!

I teach my students that to manifest the health they want, they need to set their health intentions continuously. You have to keep it on the forefront of your mind or else you will be come complacent like the majority of Americans as seen in the Dr. Oz video above. Visualize the health you want to manifest: mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships, lifestyle and financial health. Let's set intentions to give our bodies vitality and nourishment. Let set our intentions to give our bodies what they need to be the incredible cancer-fighting machines that they were designed to be!



P.S. To learn more about my upcoming Inspired Health for Foodies workshop on Anti-Cancer Foods and to learn my best cancer-fighting recipes and techniques, click here.

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