This probiotic rich Elderberry Syrup with Concentrated Beet Kvass is the perfect thing to keep your gut healthy and your immune system rocking! The betalain antioxidants in Beet Kvass stimulate glutathione, your body's main detox molecule.  Glutathione is often called the body's "Master Antioxidant".  It strenghtens your immune system and boosts the leucocytes needed to fight infection, and is very important for helping to protect your cells.


Elderberry has a long history of use as a potent, cold and flu remedy and preventative, backed by modern science:


  • Is an antioxidant powerhouse- Higher ORAC value of all berries!
  • Has antiviral effects- it actually stops viruses from being able to enter your cells and replicate!
  • Stimulates the immune system


Dose: Take one Tablespoon per day as a preventative, or one tsp every hour during onset.


Elderberry Beet Kvass Syrup


    Kelly Dearie M.A.

    *Inspired Health for Foodies

    *Creative Cultures ®  

    *6 Weeks Gut Health Transformation

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