Private Coaching with Kelly Dearie

Do you have goal for your health that you just can't seem to reach?
Do you need help with ideas for eating healthy with a busy schedule?
Would you love help making your doctor's or nutritionist's plan doable
for you and your family?
If so, then I can help! 
Whether in your home kitchen, or on the phone, I guarantee you will feel inspired and motivated to create yummy, healthy foods that make your body feel amazing!
As you gut-health coach, I will empower you with motivation, organizational strategies and skill-sets to set you sailing on your gut-healing path!  I offer phone and video sessions, as well as in-person assistance plus pantry makeover and kitchen- organization support.
If you have serious challenges in meeting your health goals, a personalized abundance plan may be just what you need!  In this session, I take a deep look into your entire situation; diet, lifestyle, time, energy, work, issues with kids, emotional challenges, etc. I help you create a blueprint to follow, and empower you with resources that will slowly but surely serve as a way to manifest more of the health and abundance your heart is really desiring.  This is a holistic approach as we analyze all aspects of your life and health together as a team.  Click here for more info and to get registered and I will contact you to coordinate our intake session! 
I also offer special intensive support for those in a very serious healing crisis.  I only take on one-two clients at a time in this role, and I am currently full. If this is something that you need, please contact me to get on the waitlist.

Personalized Health Abundance Plans

Email  or  text 831-229-0171 to schedule your free 15 minute consultation and receive a free, gut-healthy, mini-plan to get you started on your journey!

Kelly Dearie M.A.

*Inspired Health for Foodies

*Creative Cultures ®  

*6 Weeks Gut Health Transformation

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